What would it be like if you came to work and there was no internal competition …none?
Is that possible?
It happens on professional sports teams. It can happen in business, in your business. Teamwork is not a luxury. In the world of professional sports, if there is no team-work, you lose.

Today, Mark reveals the secrets of teamwork to individuals and organizations worldwide. He shares the principles that he lived and learned, and that ultimately took his team TO THE TOP OF ONE OF THE MOST COMPETITIVE ARENAS IN THE WORLD!

At the age of 21, Mark had no experience, talent or interest in basketball. Yet he went on to become an All-Star who achieved success beyond anything he ever thought possible.
Mark played with the Utah Jazz for 12 years – when the average player’s time on a team is three and he was never traded. That’s how he discovered the four commitments that empower sports superstars to reach the top.
Engage Mark Eaton to present an exhilarating keynote speech, interactive training program, or power-packed breakout session, or to coach your leadership team to:

  • Maximize your team’s potential and develop a game plan to turn every member of your team into a peak performer
  • Experience the drama and excitement of NBA basketball and attain new heights in performance and achievement
  • Turn your team members into winners by applying the concepts that create sports superstars to the world of business



“I cannot stress enough how refreshing it was to have you come in
and reinforce the importance of working together to achieve something great.”
TJ Dunker ~ Director of Education Operations ~ TD Ameritrade
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