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About MARK:

Tens of thousands of people have had their lives TRANSFORMED through hearing Mark Eaton’s astounding story of triumph and record-breaking success!

Mark is a team building expert who shares with organizations and audiences nationwide, how he went from a 7’4″ 21 year old mechanic who couldn’t play basketball to a 12 year career as an NBA All-Star with the Utah Jazz.


He reveals the secrets that skyrocketed him to fame as the Two-Time Defensive Player of the Year, enabled him to break the NBA record for the most blocked shots in a single season and be selected to play in the 1989 All-Star Game.


After his career with the Jazz, Mark went on to success after success as an entrepreneur, TV and radio talk show host and world class speaker, trainer and coach.


Today Mark travels the country employing principles and coaching techniques from his 12 years playing professional basketball to teach industry leaders, teams and individuals how to outsmart, outlast and outperform their competition and achieve record-breaking success.

Mark enjoys horseback riding, skiing, and the outdoors. He lives in Park City, Utah, with his wife Teri, their children, Clydesdales, dogs, cats and a burro.






“Mark infuses his Four Commitments to a Winning Team with his personal story of obscurity-to-greatness
in a way that engages and resonates with ‘regular’ people.”
Thomas Maher ~ 2012-2013 Chairman ~ Nevada Hospital Association


“The points you made, and the wonderful way those points were so grounded in your experience playing in the NBA
at such a high level for so many years, were so valuable to us here at UBI,
as we are very committed to being a cohesive and effective team.”
Scott Shields ~ Universal Business Insurance


“Your presentation and life story, combined with your experience working with numerous organizations,
large and small, have helped to keep us focused on key objectives that will allow us to deliver
on our mandate in support of contractors and workers in Ontario’s unionized ICI construction sector.”
Sean W. Strickland ~ Chief Executive Officer ~ Ontario Construction Secretariat

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