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Athlete Speaker

Being a professional athlete for over ten years provided me with many lessons on cooperation, team building and many other topics. As an athlete speaker I am able to tell my sports stories in a way that relates to business.

While the physical skills of being an athlete do not translate to a speaker’s life, the lessons passed on to me through coaches, teammates and experiences certainly do. Through my business and website I am now able to share what I have been taught with other business leaders and teams who want to be successful.

Let’s first talk about cooperation. What would it be like if you came to work and there was no internal competition …none? At 7ft4.com, I use my platform as an athlete speaker to relate my stories as a professional athlete to the business world. On the basketball court I learned how to work harmoniously with others. As I always say, teamwork is not a luxury.

As an athlete speaker, I have taken my affinity for cooperation and transferred it to the world of business leadership and management. Imagine coming to the office one morning to the sights and sounds of your team working together with no internal competition. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Using my skills as a speaker and experiences as an athlete, I can tell you how to make that dream a reality.

Let’s move on to teambuilding. While I wasn’t in the front office, making decisions on which basketball players to bring in or trade, I was able to gain knowledge on how to assemble a winning team. The knowledge I gained as an athlete is something I can teach you and your team.

In a team setting, it is important to assemble a group of people who have a common goal. However, it is also important to understand what drives your team and how to communicate with them. These were two aspects of teambuilding I learned while I was an athlete that I have added to my program as an athlete speaker.

Learning how members of your team operate is crucial to your overall success. If you look around my website you will find that communication and teamwork are two characteristics that I have found follow successful teams.

After my NBA career came to end, I wanted to take the lessons I had learned as a professional athlete and become an athlete speaker where I could share my stories with corporations and their leaders. Through my stories of starting as a 21 year old auto mechanic and becoming an NBA All-Star, I am able to show others how to make their teams more successful and prosperous.

As an athlete speaker I have seen that these characteristics are fundamental in creating a winning environment. I can coach you on how to maximize your team’s potential and develop a game plan to turn every member of your team into a peak performer. To learn more, book me for your next event by calling 435.565.1585 or emailing wecare@7ft4.com.

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