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Since my retirement from the NBA in 1993 I have focused my energy and efforts on my success as a business speaker. My speaking programs emphasize business topics that will help your team work together better and result in higher productivity as a unit.

Being in the NBA for over a decade taught me how to be a professional and how to skillfully communicate, which apply to the business world.  As a professional business speaker, it is my passion to share these skills with corporations and industry leaders.

Although worlds apart in the physical skill set required, there are many aspects of being a professional basketball player that relate very well to being a highly productive member of a corporation. This is something that I teach through my work as a business speaker.

Let’s talk about being a professional as an athlete and as a business leader. In both circumstances you must be punctual, dressed in the appropriate attire and understand your role in your given environment. As I business speaker, I address this idea with my own actions by being on time and ready to go.

Another aspect of being a professional is not making excuses. While there are certain challenges in life that detour us from our work, many of the distractions cause us to not be as prosperous as possible are excuses that we make for ourselves. As a business speaker I frequently hear about corporations having problems with excuse makers on their team. That is why they bring me in.

Another lesson I learned during my career as a professional basketball player, that I continue to implement in my program as a business speaker, is the importance of knowing how to properly communicate with your peers. Clear communication will help you get a better understanding of what you need to do, how to do it, when it must be done, etc.

As an employee it is crucial to know exactly what is expected of you. Many of us simply make assumptions about what others expect from us both in business settings and in life. As a business speaker I can give you give tips on how to clear lines of communication and get a better understanding of what those around you need you to do.

It is important to always know what is expected of you rather than just making assumptions. Have you ever been driving for a long time thinking your were heading the right way only to find out that you were completely wrong? It is not a good feeling. In the business world it means loss of time, loss of money and possibly even loss of a job. As a business speaker it is my job to show corporations and business leaders how to avoid these mistakes.

I will take you beyond the known and familiar to uncover your ability to earn your customer’s confidence … and business. I will help you find out exactly what your customers REALLY want from you. To hear more book me for your next event by calling 435.565.1585 or emailing wecare@7ft4.com.

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