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Since my departure from the NBA I have devoted my life to becoming a successful conference speaker. I have taken the knowledge and experience accrued over a lifetime spent playing basketball and applied them to my profession as a conference speaker.

In my speaking career I have been invited to conferences by businesses across multiple fields. The program I have developed for these conferences focuses on the things that helped my NBA career and more importantly, the Utah Jazz teams I played for become so successful.

When I’m hired as a conference speaker, my speaking program focuses on how to create team success. Typically corporations who are struggling to find synergy and harmony amongst their employees call me because they know I am a teamwork expert. As a professional basketball player I was able to hone my teamwork skills. Now it is my passion as a conference speaker to share what I learned with corporations and industry leaders.

I never could have imagined how my time in the NBA would influence me and give me life and business skills beyond the world of professional basketball and professional athletics. In my passion working as a conference speaker, I travel the country speaking to corporations and their leaders on how to make their team more prosperous. I do so by teaching them “The Four Commitments of a Winning Team”.

“The Four Commitments” serve as the four pillars that my speaking programs are based on. They are a set of rules I have learned create a “winning” environment both on the basketball court and in the boardroom. As a conference speaker I use these Four Commitments to promote corporate synergy, positive work environments, selfless employees and excuse-free work ethics.

As a conference speaker the Commitments I share with corporate leaders show them how to eliminate issues such as negative internal competition and poor communication. With these problems eliminated from your business environment your team will have a much better chance to become as successful as the Utah Jazz teams I played on.

From my past career experience I learned that teamwork and communication are essential in achieving my ultimate goals and, more importantly, my team’s goals. As a conference speaker I share with corporations and their leaders how teamwork and communication can create success not only on the basketball court but also in the boardroom, the front office, and in every work environment.

In my career as a professional conference speaker I have been able to successfully relate the experiences and things I learned as a professional basketball player to the world of business and management. You  don’t want to miss the opportunity to get these essential concepts and strategies that you can use right now to achieve success you’ve only dreamed of! Schedule me for your next conference by calling 435.565.1585 or emailing wecare@7ft4.com.

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