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Employee Engagement Speaker

As a corporate leader it is important to make sure your employees are as engaged as possible at all times. This will create a better work environment and allow for you and your team to be more successful. As an employee engagement speaker, teaching members of corporations how to invigorate and inspire all members of their team is my specialty.

On the professional basketball court teams must do everything they can to become five individual and separate players who think, move and act as one cohesive unit. To do so you must be able to do things like communicate clearly and positively, motivate and inspire those around you, make your teammates and coworkers look good, make team goals more important than individual goals and more. While the number of people on a corporate team may be different than a basketball team, these same principles still apply and they are what I emphasize as an employee engagement speaker.

In my career as an employee engagement speaker I have taken the stories and wisdom I gained over my playing career (from high school to college all the way up to the professional level) to show audiences how the teams I played on were successful and how their teams could be extremely prosperous and productive as well. Let me describe to you just a little bit of what I talk about in my speech.

For example, let’s talk about communication. On the basketball court, communication is key at every position but especially when you are the man in the middle patrolling the paint and watching everyone else’s back. Over my decade long career in the NBA, I became so good at communicating and protecting my teammates that I still hold the NBA record for career blocks per game and total blocks in a single season in 1984-1985.

You might be asking, “Mark, how do any of these stats apply to the work being done by my team and I?” Let me tell you. When my teammates and I communicated well on the court I was able to block more shots and we were able to succeed as a team. When you and your team are able to communicate at a high level it will allow you to complete the task or tasks at hand efficiently and effectively. As an employee engagement speaker I can show you how to achieve that level of communication.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. As an employee engagement speaker my passion and my mission is to show you and your team how to achieve your highest level of productivity and prosperity. My programs will help you create an environment of generosity, commitment and possibility… where sales soar.

To hear my speaking program on communication and other important employee engagement topics, book me for your next event by calling 435.565.1585 or emailing wecare@7ft4.com.

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