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Speaking Calendar

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Sep 21, 2018 Park City, Utah
Sep 27, 2018 Sun­dance, Utah
Sep 28, 2018 Seat­tle, Washington
Oct 1, 2018 Philadel­phia, Pennsylvania
Oct 4, 2018 Salt Lake City, Utah
Oct 8, 2018 Dal­las, Texas
Oct 9, 2018 Dal­las, Texas
Oct 11, 2018 Salt Lake City, Utah
Oct 18, 2018 Clear­wa­ter Beach, Florida
Oct 21, 2018 Canada
Oct 24, 2018 Ply­mouth, Massachusetts
Oct 30, 2018 Salt Lake City, Utah
Nov 2, 2018 Lagu­na Niguel, California
Nov 6, 2018 Cal­gary, Alber­ta, Canada
Nov 7, 2018 Den­ver, Colorado
Nov 8, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada
Nov 9, 2018 TBA
Nov 14, 2018 Pierre, South Dakota
Nov 16, 2018 TBA

Commit and Celebrate Your Wins!

It’s offi­cial­ly autumn and as the crisp air arrives and the leaves change, it’s an ide­al time to reflect and acknowl­edge what has tran­spired over the first three quar­ters of the year. What stands out for you? What improve­ments have you made? What area in your life has room for improve­ment? And, most impor­tant­ly, in what area can you cel­e­brate a win?

For me, it has been an amaz­ing and ardu­ous 175-day adven­ture since the release of my book, The Four Com­mit­ments of a Win­ning Team. Being an author is com­plete­ly new ter­ri­to­ry for me, to say noth­ing of pub­lish­ing, mar­ket­ing and releas­ing a book. To my immense relief, I’ve dis­cov­ered that the same Four Com­mit­ments that served and pro­pelled me to suc­cess while play­ing bas­ket­ball, own­ing and run­ning a restau­rant for twen­ty-four years, and becom­ing a moti­va­tion­al speak­er, have served me once again in this new venture.

I am grate­ful for the con­tin­ued val­i­da­tion I receive when uti­liz­ing the Four Com­mit­ments. I am ener­gized and inspired to share my mes­sage with oth­ers because I know the Com­mit­ments are uni­ver­sal. They have worked for me and count­less oth­ers and they WILL work for you as well. I promise you they will. Com­mit to using these prin­ci­ples and you can see mir­a­cles hap­pen. I have!

As a refresh­er, or intro­duc­tion to those of you who are new here, the Four Com­mit­ments are shown below:



As Octo­ber and the fourth quar­ter approach­es, make a con­cert­ed effort to put these prin­ci­ples to work. Choose one com­mit­ment a week to focus on, or one a month. Just choose and COMMIT your­self. The results will fol­low. You will see an improve­ment. I promise you will. Let me know of your results. I’d love to share your tri­umphs to inspire others!


Mark always deliv­ers, 110% of the time, which is why he remains a favorite of IBM and Drury designs.” ‑Direc­tor, Drury Enter­tain­ment Group

Cap­ti­vat­ing and engag­ing!” Pres­i­dent, Lar­ry H. Miller Group

Enter­tain­ing & inspir­ing. Sur­passed expec­ta­tions!” ‑Senior VP, Cae­sars Entertainment

Mark has a def­i­nite GIFT! He made me laugh, cry and feel moti­vat­ed to improve myself.” ‑Employ­ee Spe­cial­ist, Utah State University


We appre­ci­ate hav­ing you on our team and ask that if you know of a com­pa­ny look­ing for an out­stand­ing speak­er for an upcom­ing meet­ing or event, please rec­om­mend they con­tact us at 800–998-7067 or wecare@7ft4.com.

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