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There is certainly no hiding my height and my presence when I enter a room. At seven feet four inches tall the fact I might not have played in the NBA never crosses anyone’s mind. What many don’t know is that for quite some time that was a possibility. As an inspirational speaker I talk about how I made the unusual journey from being a 20 year old car mechanic to becoming a two-time NBA defensive player of the year and an NBA All-Star.

Being an inspirational speaker gives me the ability to share my personal story of growth and commitment with industry leaders across the nation. While some know that I am a two time NBA defensive player of the year and a former NBA All Star, most probably don’t know that after high school I wanted nothing to do with basketball whatsoever.

Looking back on my life I never could have known that I would go from someone who didn’t want to see another basketball to an NBA All Star. I attribute this to my passion for hard work, communication and team success. These characteristics and more are what have helped me achieve such high goals both as a professional athlete and as an inspirational speaker. These are also some of the topics I talk about in my speaking program.

In the world of professional athletics I have heard many times that the most prosperous athletes are the ones who are in the gym before the lights turn on and refuse to leave before the job is done. In the world of sports that job is to simply improve at your craft. As an inspirational speaker it is my job to show corporate leaders and their teams that this same principle applies to the boardroom and to the office.

The workplace is different but the principles still apply. Few things look better to a boss than an employee who works longer and harder than the bare minimum they are asked to do.  Being an inspirational speaker allows me to spread this principle to corporations and their influential members.

The principle of hard work is exactly what has helped me achieve the highest level of prosperity both as a professional athlete and as an inspirational speaker. While sitting at the end of the bench at UCLA, I continued to work on my skills day in and day out until I was able to try out for an NBA team. As an inspirational speaker I work around the clock to keep my speaking skills at the top of their game at all times. These skills allow me to teach others how to consistently play at the top of their game, how to build the trust and loyalty and the secret to establishing an inspiring, energizing and harmonious work environment

My speaking programs will help you identify the one thing that will make you outstanding and discover the secret to enduring and profitable relationships. To hear more of my inspirational stories, book me for your next event by calling 435.565.1585 or emailing wecare@7ft4.com

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