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In my life I have had many incredible circumstances occur because of my hard work and determination. One of those circumstances was a 12 year career in the NBA, during which I won NBA Defensive Player of the Year twice and, in 1989, I was named an NBA All-Star. Now that my passion for success has shifted from the court to the corporate world, I am a motivational NBA speaker and I use the tips and lessons that I learned while playing in the NBA to help corporations and leaders become more prosperous.

There are many ways in which the NBA and your office building are not the same. You don’t keep track of points. You don’t have a three-point line. You probably don’t have a lot of guys over 6 feet tall lumbering around. The list goes on and on.  However, they do share at least one crucial aspect: Team success is everything. As an NBA speaker I am able to take the team skills I learned from my professional basketball career and translate them to the world of business.

These team skills are far reaching. For instance, one aspect of being a great team player is not to make excuses. In order to do your job to the best of your abilities you have to make sure you eliminate all possible distractions, especially excuses. They are negative obstacles that will bring you and your team down. This is something I talk about as an NBA speaker

When I first entered the NBA, I was very hard on myself and outwardly showed it. My coach, Frank Layden, would get very frustrated and tell me, “Mark! No one cares about the last play. Just go make the next one!” I was making excuses and drawing myself away from the job I had to do. That is how I gained my knowledge as an NBA speaker about why not making excuses is so important.

Just like the story above, my program as an NBA speaker is wrapped around the stories I accumulated during my career as a professional basketball player. You’ll hear about my unusual journey, when I started as a young auto mechanic and ended as an NBA All-Star and record holder. I will tell tales from throughout my college and professional career while also teaching you and your team how to become more successful.

In my speeches, I reveal the secrets of teamwork to individuals and organizations worldwide. I share the principles I lived and learned, and ultimately took my team TO THE TOP OF ONE OF THE MOST COMPETITIVE ARENAS IN THE WORLD! As an NBA speaker I take my knowledge of success, basketball and business and show how all three of these topics connect with each other. In order to hear more of my stories and my rise to the top in the NBA and as an NBA speaker call 435.565.1585 or email wecare@7ft4.com to book me for your next speaking event!

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