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Performance QUIZ:


What’s the greatest challenge facing businesses today?


No, it’s not “the economy,” marketing, lack of innovation, the wrong product or service or even leadership.


It’s people not doing what they need to do… because their attention is elsewhere


It’s your people focusing on their problems with the other people in your organization rather than on solving your customer’s problems.


Find out if internal competition is sapping your team’s strength.


Take the quiz NOW!

Choose True or False for each statement.

  • You are troubled because workplace conversation is about office politics rather than business objectives. TRUE / FALSE
  • You’ve noticed that just getting people on the “right seat on the bus” isn’t enough. TRUE / FALSE
  • You’ve seen that employees are not eager to help each other advance in the workplace. TRUE / FALSE
  • You wish your work environment was characterized by more loyalty and trust. TRUE / FALSE
  • You’re frustrated by the inability of your group to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts and pull together. TRUE / FALSE


If you answered TRUE to even one of these statements your organization’s potential is blocked!


When people are focused on the internal competition instead of the external competition companies are eaten up alive.


Nothing will take a team down faster than slander, sabotage and disrespect.quiz_image
Lack of team work is the silent killer in business today.

How’d you do?

Almost ThereIf you have ONE true statement, you’re on your way to the top… after a few tweaks from hearing Mark’s speech!


pretty_goodIf TWO statements are true, achieving amazing results is up to you. Schedule Mark to present to your group and make it happen!


not_badIf THREE statements are true, you’re leaving money on the table. Have Mark turn your group into a team, and see profits soar!


ouchIf FOUR statements are true, it’s time to face the music and unite your team. Don’t wait for your next event, book Mark immediately!


yikesIf all FIVE statements are true, don’t wait another minute! Take action NOW to outsmart, outlast and outperform your real competition!

Turn your group into a high-performance team now!


“Mark has a great story to tell about finding a belief in one’s self
and then putting forth the energy to achieve what others may not have believed he could do.”
Richard Nelson  ~  President, Chief Operating Officer  ~  Larry H. Miller Management Company

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