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Throughout my career as a professional basketball player in the NBA as well as my career as a safety speaker, I have learned the importance of having a strong, effective and safe team.  Communication, cooperation, innovation and motivation all improve when you can count on your teammates to have your back.  While a team is only equal to the sum of all of its parts, it’s crucial the team truly understand the importance of watching out for each other in the workplace, especially on the front line.

From my years in the NBA I can certainly acknowledge that all teams must draw on the strength of each individual member in order to be safe and successful. However if the team is not being pushed in the right direction or motivated to work together they will never reach their full potential. As a safety speaker I teach industry leaders how to get their team members to work together and communicate in a productive, profitable and safe fashion.

For safety and motivation it’s key to understand that every member of your team is an individual and therefore is motivated in their own personal way. For some it may work to give a rousing speech while others would prefer to simply be handed a task with parameters and then be left alone. As a safety speaker I show you how to identify the way each member of your team is motivated to do his or her best work.

Finding out how to motivate your team members is only half the battle. Once you find out which method is best for engaging and incorporating the individuals you are trying to keep safe, then you must learn how push their buttons in the correct way so that they can take off! As a safety speaker I use my experience on the court, in the shop and in the office to show corporate leaders how to motivate their team members in the best way possible.

In order to motivate and inspire members of a corporation or group it’s important for leaders to communicate effectively. Being in the NBA taught me how to communicate with many different types of personalities. This ability translates well to my career as a safety speaker and as a safety speaker I  teach corporations and their leaders how to utilize this skill as well.

As a safety leader it is important to be able to communicate clearly with your team in a manner that is assertive but not demeaning.  Teaching them how to look out for each other will give them a sense of empowerment and purpose. I show you and your company’s leaders how to do this through my speaking program as a safety speaker.

It happens on professional sports teams. It can happen in business, in your business. Teamwork is not a luxury. In the world of professional sports, if there is no teamwork, you lose. To learn more about how to create a safe winning team, book me for your next event by calling 435.565.1585 or emailing wecare@7ft4.com.

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