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There may not be TV coverage and cheering fans screaming your name in the office, but what many people don’t understand is that there are many correlations between the business world and the world of the NBA and professional athletics. As someone who had ten successful years in the NBA, and now follows his passion as a sports business speaker, I travel the country speaking to corporations, highlighting and talking about what these similarities are.

The similarities mainly lie in the lessons I learned on how to make your team more productive and prosperous. The lessons include aspects of teamwork such as perseverance and professionalism. As a sports business speaker I share with corporations and corporate leaders, of how I learned these lessons and then relate them to their own corporations.

As normally happens, I learned perseverance by going through difficult times. While in high school and at UCLA I spent a lot of time riding the bench, but I still was the first in the gym and the last to leave. In my program as a sports business speaker I show corporate team members the importance of continuing to work hard through difficult times.

When tough times happen, the only way to get past them is to continue working hard. It is a simple fact of life that holds true both in the NBA and the business world. I could have chosen to just simply give up on my basketball career while on the bench at UCLA, but I persevered and it helped me become successful. Now, using my position as a sports business speaker, I use my own story to inspire others to continue to persevere through difficult times in their work.

In order to persevere you must show complete professionalism. One of the aspects of professionalism I elaborate on as a sports business speaker is the importance of not making excuses. By not making excuses you will persevere through difficult situations in your work environment while being realistic about your current circumstances.

When I first entered the NBA I didn’t know how to truly be a professional. My first NBA head coach, Frank Layden, taught me how to be a professional. He did not allow me to get down on myself because it distracted me doing the job I needed to do. These are the things I speak about as a sports business speaker.

Turn your team members into winners by applying the concepts that create sports superstars and leaders in the world of business. To hear more about my experiences in the NBA and how they translate to the corporate world book me for your next event by calling 435.565.1585 or emailing wecare@7ft4.com.

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