Mark’s New Book is a Slam Dunk!

The Four Commitments of a Winning Team

To Be Released April 3rd, 2018. — $20.95

The Four Com­mit­ments of a Win­ning Team enables indus­try lead­ers, teams and indi­vid­u­als to out­smart, out­last and out­per­form their com­pe­ti­tion and achieve record-break­ing suc­cess. In this book Mark shares the lessons he learned in his incred­i­ble jour­ney from a 21-year-old auto mechan­ic to a record-break­ing NBA All-Star, dis­tilled into a sim­ple but pow­er­ful plan of action. This book will help you—whether you’re a CEO, team leader, or individual—inspire, strength­en, and moti­vate you and your team to out­per­form your com­pe­ti­tion and achieve record-break­ing suc­cess.

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