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Teamwork and cooperation are two topics I emphasize in order for companies to optimize their performance and production. My speaking program on teamwork has been honed from years of experience playing a team sport at the highest level. In order to reach that level I learned, what it meant to be a good teammate and that knowledge helped my team and I become successful.

In the sport of basketball there is nothing more important than the team and team success. In order to achieve the latter, you must learn how to cooperate with others and learn how to be a good teammate. There are many aspects to being a good teammate which I talk about as a teamwork speaker. The same characteristics that make someone a good teammate on the court will also make them a good teammate in the office.

One of the most important aspects of being a good teammate is to know and execute your role on your team. Nobody can do every job on a team. That’s why they have a group of people around them who do jobs in the areas where they are not as strong. As a teamwork speaker I show corporations and their team members how to figure out what their role is and how they can execute it to the best of their abilities.

I had to learn my role on my team before I became successful. One summer while I was playing pick-up basketball games at UCLA and tiring myself out by trying to run with the guards, Wilt Chamberlain approached me. He stuck me under the basket and said, “Let them worry about scoring. Your job is to stand here, protect this basket, grab the rebound and then throw it to the guards.” That advice was a turning point that helped me become a two time NBA Defensive Player of the Year and an NBA All Star. Lessons such as this are what I bring to the table as a teamwork speaker.

It is also important to communicate especially when it comes to knowing exactly what your role is. Too often in the business world people assume they are doing things the way they should be. It is important, for greater team success, that employees ask about what is expected of them. If you know what is expected rather than assuming what should be done, your team will be better off. This is something I teach as a teamwork speaker.

When you are looking for a teamwork speaker there is no one better than me-someone who has played a team sport, such as basketball, at the highest possible level. As a teamwork speaker I teach corporations that no individual is greater than the rest. Every person must be utilized to fulfill their role on the team.

Maximize your team’s potential and develop a game plan to turn every member of your team into a peak performer. To hear more about how to make the members of your team work together, call 435.565.1585 or email me at wecare@7ft4.com to book me for your next conference or speaking event.

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