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Nov 18, 2016   Salt Lake City, Utah
Has your team strug­gled with too many missed shots? Unclosed sales? Lost oppor­tu­ni­ties? Are they con­stant­ly com­ing up short in their attempts to score?
Per­haps it’s time to give them an assist.
The goal of a great team is to take the best shot, grab the low­est lying fruit, in order to win the game. Why take a three point­er when you can make an easy lay up? If your team­mate has a bet­ter shot, it is best to give up the ball and let them shoot. Shoot­ing clos­er to the bas­ket yields a high­er per­cent­age shot and results in more points (closed sales).
My team­mate, John Stock­ton, retired from the Utah Jazz as the NBA’s all-time assist leader. He helped oth­er play­ers score 15,806 times! He unselfish­ly pro­vid­ed the ball to his team at the pre­cise moment need­ed to score and achieve the team’s goals. To win, help oth­ers win!
The assist is a pow­er­ful exam­ple of the over­all syn­er­gy required for a team’s suc­cess. It’s about being com­mit­ted to doing what­ev­er it takes to come togeth­er to win. To work cohe­sive­ly on every play.
The assist could take many forms: it may be train­ing or coach­ing, strate­giz­ing for bet­ter game plan exe­cu­tion, giv­ing up the glo­ry of your own score to allow your co-work­er to take the bet­ter shot. Again, when your team wins, you win! What­ev­er form your assist takes, there is pow­er in help­ing oth­ers win. John Stock­ton is in the Hall of Fame for it. Where could your assists take you?
Action Step
What can you do today to assist your team­mate in scor­ing their next goal? How could you posi­tion them to increase the per­cent­age of their shot?

Per­haps you have insights or past expere­inces to share that would assist them. There IS some­thing you can do. Once you know what it is, don’t wait. Assist your team­mate. Allow them to score and your team to win!

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