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Utah Jazz Speaker

My career as a member of the Utah Jazz basketball team is something for which I am eternally grateful. For 12 seasons I played for one of the most storied and classy franchises in the NBA and all of professional sports. That franchise, and the people in it, helped mold me in to the man and professional I am today. Every time I step on stage for my speaking events I make sure to represent myself as a Utah Jazz speaker by talking to the audience about the experiences that I had while working with that incredible franchise.

The most important lessons I learned as a member of the Utah Jazz were how to be a professional and how to work in a team environment in order to be successful. These were two things that were constantly talked about and practiced in and around the Utah Jazz organization. As a Utah Jazz speaker I relay what I learned about these topics and more.

Let’s first talk about how to be a true professional in any field or industry. As a Utah Jazz speaker, when I speak about how to be a true professional I usually talk about when I first entered the NBA and how I was influenced by my first NBA head coach, the great Frank Layden. He was a hard-working, blue collar and professional coach and he made sure his teams and his players acted like professionals both on and off the court.

When I first entered the NBA I thought I had to be perfect all the time. Whenever I messed up on a play or made a mistake I would get visibly frustrated. Immediately after Frank would tell me, “Mark stop getting mad about the mistake you just made. No one cares and it is distracting from your job.” That was how I learned that being a professional meant moving on from past mistakes. This is something that I talk about as a Utah Jazz speaker.

Another thing I teach as a Utah Jazz speaker is how to work well in a team environment. Since the franchise began back in 1974, teamwork, cooperation, and team success have always been a part of the franchise’s framework. As a Utah Jazz speaker I make sure to emphasize those three topics during my speaking program.

The Utah Jazz organization taught me that executing my role would help our team gain success and prosperity overall. I would protect the rim, grab the rebound and throw the outlet pass to the guards who would go and score. That was my role and it helped my team win. As a Utah Jazz speaker I talk to corporations and their employees about how they can find out what their role is.

When you hear me speak, you’ll get the inside story on what it takes to win and discover how to turn your people into top performers! To hear more about my experience as a member of the Utah Jazz and how what I learned can help your corporation call 435.565.1585 or email wecare@7ft4.com to book me for your next event!

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