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Discover the Secrets of Creating a Team that is a United, Unstoppable Force!

A slam dunk!”
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Mark Eaton has helped hundreds of organizations become more successful and can do the same for your company!

Orga­ni­za­tions across the coun­try have trust­ed Mark Eaton to empow­er their teams with the type of team­work found on pro­fes­sion­al sports teams—teamwork essen­tial to suc­ceed in today’s high­ly com­pet­i­tive busi­ness environment.

Your team will learn to lever­age the same prin­ci­ples sports super­stars use to excel against their competitors.

From Auto Mechanic to All-Star
Learn how to become an All-Star in your industry!

At the age of 21 Mark Eaton was an auto mechan­ic with no tal­ent for bas­ket­ball. In a few short years, using the team­work prin­ci­ples he now teach­es, he became the NBA’s Defen­sive Play­er of the Year-twice! He also earned a spot on the All-Star team and broke the NBA record for most blocked shots in a sin­gle sea­son: 456. It is still the record today.

After his 12 year pro­fes­sion­al bas­ket­ball career with the Utah Jazz, Mark went on to fur­ther suc­cess as an entre­pre­neur, TV and radio talk show host, and world-class speak­er, train­er, and author. He teach­es indus­try lead­ers, teams and indi­vid­u­als how to out­smart, out­last, and out­per­form their com­pe­ti­tion and achieve record-break­ing success.

Today he applies the pow­er­ful team­work and lead­er­ship skills he honed on the bas­ket­ball court to empow­er orga­ni­za­tions like yours. Mark will help you erad­i­cate the bar­ri­ers to your suc­cess and achieve your full poten­tial. His Four Com­mit­ments will make your team more pro­duc­tive, effi­cient, and engaged so you can excel in your industry!

Keynote Presentations

The Four Commitments of a Winning Team

The Four Com­mit­ments of a Win­ning Team enables indus­try lead­ers, teams and indi­vid­u­als to out­smart, out­last and out­per­form their com­pe­ti­tion and achieve record-break­ing suc­cess. In this keynote speech Mark  Eaton shares the lessons he learned in his incred­i­ble jour­ney from 21-year-old auto mechan­ic to a record-break­ing NBA All-Star, dis­tilled into a sim­ple but pow­er­ful plan of action. This keynote will help you—whether you’re a CEO, team leader, or individual—inspire, strength­en, and moti­vate your team to out­per­form your com­pe­ti­tion and achieve record-break­ing success.

The Four Commitments of a Winning Sales Team

Dis­cov­er the secret of being the go-to play­er on your customer’s team. In this exhil­a­rat­ing, inter­ac­tive pro­gram, Mark takes you beyond the known and famil­iar to uncov­er your abil­i­ty to earn your customer’s confidence…and business!

The Four Commitments of a Winning and Safe Team

Get ready to get into action as Mark shows you how to apply the strate­gies of sports coach­ing to build your dream team and take your orga­ni­za­tion to the next lev­el. This exhil­a­rat­ing, action-packed pre­sen­ta­tion will pro­vide your team with proven action­able ideas that will impact their com­mit­ment to each oth­er and to the safe­ty and well-being of every­one in your workplace.

Breakout Sessions & Training Programs

Build Your Dream Team

In this trans­for­ma­tive pro­gram, Mark takes you on a fas­ci­nat­ing jour­ney to gain an aston­ish­ing under­stand­ing of your­self, your team mem­bers and the peo­ple you need to reach.

The Four Commitments of a Winning Team Plus

Break­out Session

Your team has heard the keynote, now they’re ready to get into action. With this inter­ac­tive pre­sen­ta­tion there’s no need to wait. This dynam­ic break­out ses­sion will ramp up the action, out­comes and energy!

Nine Steps to Winning Leadership

Break­out Session

You have just heard Mark Eaton’s Keynote speech, learned the trans­for­ma­tive pow­ers of The Four Com­mit­ments, and are anx­ious to put them to use.

Mark will now walk you through a Nine Step Coach­ing Process that will empow­er you to break­through old think­ing and access your own wis­dom, knowl­edge, expe­ri­ence and intu­ition to find answers to the chal­lenges you face. Mark will show you how to lever­age oppor­tu­ni­ties and cre­ate an action plan. You will be the leader who inspires and empow­ers peo­ple to act!

Mark’s Four Com­mit­ments of a Win­ning Team are on point and essen­tial to the suc­cess of every orga­ni­za­tion, and his sto­ries were inspir­ing, enter­tain­ing, and per­fect for a work set­ting! We will be sure to use these com­mit­ments for self and team improve­ment going forward.

Teri Streul


We don’t have a day go by that we don’t think about your pre­sen­ta­tion and refer to the Four Com­mit­ments, as we are in an indus­try where every call or inter­ac­tion is an oppor­tu­ni­ty to win a life­long cus­tomer, and every day it takes a team of peo­ple to achieve that win.

Lori Brown

The Results Companies

We brought in about 300 employ­ees and part­ners from around the world for this event. We had many activ­i­ties and events for this cel­e­bra­tion and your pre­sen­ta­tion was the favorite by far. We heard more pos­i­tive feed­back about your pre­sen­ta­tion than about any­thing else we did.

Joe Smith

Mega­dyne Corporation

Mark’s Four Com­mit­ments to a Win­ning Team pre­sen­ta­tion was one of the best inspi­ra­tional sto­ries our con­fer­ence atten­dees have seen. The mes­sage was pro­fes­sion­al, enter­tain­ing and clear­ly above the rim! We high­ly rec­om­mend Mark Eaton as a presenter.

Rose­mary Arnell


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